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Hello interwebs.  I’m not really sure where this blog is going to take me.  Getting to this stage (typing meaningful words instead of nitpicking over aesthetics) took about a week longer than it should have.  In my experience, the first time you take a risk that is marginally meaningful it will inevitably fail or only marginally pass mustard.  For this reason, I will stop worrying about whether the color scheme really suits me, I will stop worrying about whether I am being genuine, I will stop worrying about things that are, in the grand scheme of things marginally important at best.  Instead, I will just be me and let you, my audience decide whether you want to go further based on who that person (me) turns out to be.

Seriously, this is what I worked so hard for?


This week marks a very important time in my life.  It is the first time I have not had at least a weak plan for where my life might be headed in the near or distant future.  I will begin a job this week that I did not see coming after spending 4 years at one of the top institutes in the country.  Who knew that today’s bachelor’s degree would become tomorrow’s high school diploma?  Of course, I’m not going to pull a cisco fatty here, but seriously, this job surprised me.

In the mean time, maybe I’ll follow Einstein’s lead and use the enormous on-the-job downtime to invent something useful.  Probably not.  I’m not that bright.  More likely, I’ll end up taking solid steps toward finding a more meaningful career with clear upward mobility and much better job security (seriously, my job could be easily replaced with a well programmed computer).  Maybe that’s what I’ll work on in the meantime and then turn around and sell my product to my employer?  Every ambitious idea sounds great until you realize that you’re the one who will have to do all of the legwork.


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