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Rejoining the Race

349270230_b201c20cee1Today felt great.  Not because I was reentering the workforce after a 6-month hiatus.  No, I’ll get to that later.  Today was great because I got my biycle back from the shop.  It rides like a dream and reminds me that some things are worth waiting for.  Now I just have to keep it out of the rain.

It takes a lot to impress me.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  I’m the guy that buys comdoms at Costco because you can’t beat the unit price.  I’m the guy that waits until the summer to buy winter clothes.  I’m that guy.

This winter, I overhauled every part on my bike and scoured the web for quality replacement parts within my budget.  This took 4 months.  I realized that I wanted to ride my bike before the fall, so I resolved to letting a professional assemble my bike.

I took all of the pieces to my local bike shop last week and they treated me well.  I definitely got more than my money’s worth.  They tapped the bottom bracket housing, replaced the brake and shifting housing, found a 20 year old brake part that I could not find anywhere, and of course assembled my entire bike from scratch.  This was a great service experience.  Why doesn’t this happen more often?

crowd-clapping1My first day on the job was not as memorable.  I’ll admit I haven’t worked for a for-profit company in a while, but I don’t remember there being so much brainwashing last time.  Training involved drilling the company’s philosophy into our heads until we could no longer distinguish their goals from our own.  I just hope they don’t ask me to drink the kool-aid tomorrow.

Throughout the training, I keep thinking, “This is what all those years of studying were for?”  Oh well.  I have to stay focused on the long.  If I think about the job too much, I’ll talk myself out of it.

On the up side, I finally have co-workers who are in my generation.  It’s hard to make friends at work when everyone around you has a son or daughter around your age.  There are also quite a few hot coeds in my department.  I just have to find a way to tap into that talent pool without getting fired.


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