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now-playing3Tuesday night’s date was fun. We went to the movies. It was weird at first, but that eventually subsided.  She’s fun to hang out with.  I wouldn’t mind seeing her again.

We met up at the cinemas.  Not my usual style, but it worked out fine.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew that the way she dressed would set the pace for the relationship.  Sweatshirt / sweatpants: she doesn’t give a fuck.  Dress: she’s reading too far into this.  She showed up in a zip cardigan and jeans: so far so good.

Let’s look at some of the good points:  I paid for the tickets, we laughed (a lot), she nestled in when I put my arm around her.  Based on this, I can confidently say that we did not go out as coworkers or friends.

It wasn’t a perfect night, though.  I didn’t ask her if she wanted popcorn, I didn’t ask for her number, and I didn’t kiss her at the end of the night.  Fortunately, these can be remedied later (hopefully).  Not a bad night, I’d say.  She also asked if I was getting up early in the morning.  I told her I was going to the gym (I did).  I could have probably gone a different route with that, but I absolutely did not want her to see my apartment.  At this point, I may need to hire a hazmat team to cleanse the place.  Maybe I’ll see her this weekend.

awkwardWhat wasn’t fun was showing up to work the next day.  I spend 8 hours a day with her in training.  That’s a lot of time to fill.  George Castanza had it right.  You cannot combine two universes.  There is the office me and the after hours me.  They operate very differently.  Their brains reside in very different places.  It didn’t help that Siren is unabashedly sexual.  She really doesn’t care who’s around and does not apologize.

As far as my actual job goes, I didn’t mind the work.  We wrapped up training yesterday and received our “graduation” gifts.  Today I shadowed all day.  I’m not 100% confident in my abilities yet, but I’m sure it will come in time.  It better.  Tomorrow, I’m on my own.


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