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strippersYesterday was pretty uneventful.  I thought for a brief moment that I was about to get fired, but apart from that it was business as usual.

I have to do a better job censoring myself at work.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in an office environment and I have a tendency say whatever pops into my head.  For example, when my coworker started talking about how much she liked going to strip clubs, I should have had the common sense to change the subject (especially on the second day).  Instead, my penis took the helm and.  I know I should’ve put up some resistance, but this is not a typical office conversation.

It gets worse because I definitely got caught.  During the middle of the conversation, there was a slight pause and I open up with, “I only go to strip clubs when –”  That is all I managed to get out because my trainer took the opportunity to pop in and announce that we could go on our lunch break.  Busted!  I don’t know how much she heard, but I’m pretty sure she knew enough about what we were talking about.  I can see here now, waiting outside the room for a chance to interrupt this very inappropriate conversation like a double dutch player.

Maybe I should stop thinking about hooking up with my co-workers.  At least until training is over.   That would reduce the temptation to make an ass of myself while I’m still under the microscope.  I can be fired at any moment, so why give them a reason?  It would be a shame to miss out on some booty because I misread a situation.  It would be a disaster to wind up unemployable because of a sexual harassment lawsuit.


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