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easter-egg-jonesEaster was a nice pick-me-up.  It felt good seeing the family.  It felt even better having a job when I saw the family.  I hate showing up to those things while I’m unemployed.  The guilt always gets to me.

Maybe it’s a guy thing.  I just can’t stand not having a job.  It’s not even the fact that I’m not contributing something to society.  It’s more that I’m wasting all the talent my guidance counselors said I was hiding.  Did they have to tell everyone that they were special?  I’ve spent the past 5 months figuring out what I don’t want to do.  I’m glad that’s over with.

I’m adjusting to the new routine at work.  I didn’t make as many mistakes as I did on Friday.  Yay, I’m not completely useless!  I think I’ll be up to speed by the end of the week.  After all the training we went through, it seems the job really just boils down to 2 or 3 key concepts.  I don’t know why they said they were looking for college grads on the application.  I think anyone with a high school diploma could probably get the job done (and they’d probably work harder, too).

I’m really not sure how valuable I am to the company.  Since I’ve been there, I’ve heard my coworkers talk about at least 5 people who were fired left within the past week.  Unfortunately, there will be another large wave of layoffs soon.  Sign of the times I suppose.  Except they keep hiring more people.  I guess they’re just picky.  Kind of like a kid spitting out all the jellybeans he doesn’t like.

My trainer seems distant.  I hope I didn’t freak her out last week.  I should probably patch things up with her.  I don’t want things to be awkward.  Of course, I’d rather have her think that I’m some sleezeball than a nice guy.  How twisted is that?  “You’re a nice guy” is one of the worst insults you can throw at someone.


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People at the office are finally warming up to me.  I felt like an outsider all of last week.  Crack a few jokes, bust some chops and I’m in.  I guess they just wanted to make sure I wasn’t a robot.  Things are also heating up with siren.  I don’t want to jinx it, but I see us getting together very soon.

It turns out Siren has a friend she’s talking to.  He’s her on-off boyfriend of several years.  This will be a challenge, but I think I can work this.  It’s a gray area because I think they still hook up.  I’ve done worse, so I have no qualms with making a pass here.

The toughest part is figuring out what to do.  Since this is just a hookup, I might be able to get away with dinner and a movie.  I miss those simple dates.  I’m not even sure that I’d call it that.  I think there’s a $10 minimum before hanging out becomes a date.  I’ll make my move tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I want to see what she learned at strippercise.

I have a tendency to sabotage myself at work.  I haven’t been putting forth my best effort.  Maybe it’s my cocky ambitious nature.  I really don’t know.  I just didn’t think that I was going to have to try so hard.  Once I decided to give an honest effort, the job became easier.  Lesson learned.  Walk, then strut.

My next challenge is to make office friends.  I’m getting tired of politely saying hi to everyone.  I don’t want to come across as some sort of hermit.  I eat lunch alone every single day.  I hate it.  I’m hoping that this is just because I’m still locked in the training program.  Once I get closer to the other members of my team, things should flow a little easier.  They seem nice enough.

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